Best Simple Machine Forum Themes

The Best SMF Themes For Your Website:

There are dozens of forum applications you can use for your website. From vanilla forums to phpBB, these applications tend to be difficult to manage and install if you’ve never operated forums before. However SMF forums have become the defacto user-friendly forums for casual WordPress users to have. The WYSIWYG editor means that nearly anyone can install and operate user forums with their WordPress blog.

And the best part? SMF is free and open-source.

These are some excellent themes that will help you to create visually-appealing forums that match the look and feel of your own website.

Using SMF Forums: What to do When You’re Stuck:

Even though SMF forums have become more user-friendly, there is a learning curve involved. If you’re stuck, you could utilize this course on Udemy to teach you how to manage Simple Machine forums more efficiently. Oh, and if you do take this course, use this coupon resource to help you save money. No point paying full price when you don’t have to! Here’s the coupon website:

This is the title of course: Building a Custom Community Forum with SMF from Scratch. Here’s where you can view more information on the course:

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What are Simple Machine Forums?

Here’s a quite succinct definition of the Simple Machines Forums taken from Wikipedia:

Simple Machines Forum, or SMF, is a free Internet forum (BBS) web application. The software is written in PHP and uses a SQL database for data storage. Starting with version 2.0, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite are supported along SQL, however SQLite support is dropped in SMF 2.1.

– Source: Wikipedia

1. Infinity for SMF 2.0:

infinity smf themes

This is the only premium SMF theme on this list. The Infinity theme makes your forums look sleek and stylish. The black and white color scheme gives the forums a classy look that can be used for high-end tech forums, or luxury travel websites. You can use it for any website you like, actually. Those are just two options that came into my mind as I used the Infinity interface.

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2. Armageddon Theme – By Michael:

armageddon theme

The Armageddon theme is the perfect theme for a video games forum. The translucent windows make for a sleek and modern look. The large image you choose to have as your background goes a long way towards how your forums look. Your forums can look dark and dramatic, or bright and relaxing based on the image.

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3. Fresh Looks – By MGCVisuals:

fresh looks smf theme

For a brighter look, we recommend Fresh Looks. The green and white color scheme works extremely well for fitness, nutrition and other health-related websites. Those types of websites are extremely popular and tend to have massive amounts of engagement in communities.

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4. Sunset – By Mustang Forums

sunset themes

The ‘Sunset theme’ is a table-based layout utilizing both black and white colors. You can add a huge header to the top of the website. This is a great general-purpose forum that will work for pretty much any type of website.

How to Install SMF Forums:

Here’s a quick step by step video guide to help you install forums on your website. It’s a long video, but it covers all of the bases.

There you have it! Do you have any suggestions for SMF themes that you have used? Let us know in the comments!