How to Build & Market a Membership Site with Renewals Promo Code

Building a sustainable membership-based website can be a challenging undertaking. However, with the right attitude, mindset, preparation and tools, one can build a fully functional website, with powerful features and functionalities. Below is how to build and then promote a membership-based website.

1. Building the Website using Renewals Promo Code

This requires a comprehensive technology solution-approach using the simplest yet feature-rich content management system, state-of-the-art security measures, and reliable billing and payment processes, among others. You are also going to need a hosting and domain name, while most hosts have really great introductory offers to get people to sign up you may get a surprise after the first billing cycle ends. GoDaddy is is one of the few companies out there that offers coupons for renewals, we found this page with a great renewals promo code. For the most part the coupons only apply to your hosting, they only seem to offer deals on domain renewals if you have a lot of them which makes it worth it to join the Discount Domain Club. renewal promo code

a. Content management systems

There is a wide range of content management systems you can use to build a functional website, including WordPress and Joomla!. Unfortunately, they do not provide the features required to run a membership-based website. However, with a powerful plugin like WishList, you can introduce membership features to make your simple website more useful. As an open-source platform, WordPress allows you to create customized website solutions by taking only the components your website needs to perform particular functions.

b. Security measures

System security is a high-priority aspect of your website if you intend to collect payment from active members. Customers will not be willing to provide their personal information if they do not feel it will be safe with you. Having randomized passwords and ensuring they are changed often will help boost security online. This makes it very important to always use updated software and plugins, as software updates are more secured via VPNs. Just ensure that you are not using free VPNs. In addition, you will have to run the membership site through HTTPS, which has two benefits: (1) increased security that boosts consumer confidence because of the assurance that the S secures their information online and (2) Google search-friendly to allow your website and content to be found easily through Google’s unpaid searches. Lastly, choosing a secure host capable of handling payments is paramount. If a host does not provide the much-needed SSL certificate, then look for another one.

c. Billing and payment

Integrating an e-commerce platform with a comprehensive content management system provides a system where you can charge members for use of physical or digital products like streamed content and a range of downloadable products.

2. Promoting the Site

With a fully-functional site in place, it is now time to run aggressive online marketing campaigns to get the word out there and attract as many potential customers as possible. There are some few online promotion methods that are effective and can help your website get the right amount of traffic.

Online promotion methods

Google Ads: This service allows you to choose the countries, regions or areas that can view your ads when they search for same products and services as those offered by your membership-based site. Google My Business, a powerful promotional feature on Google+, allows users to take advertising to another level.

Social Media: There is no denying that the social media has been a game-changing innovation of modern times. With a simple business fan page on Facebook, Twitter or any other popular networking platform, you can create posts that provide your followers with more information about your business, products and services, with a link to redirect potential customers to your site.